What A 24 Hour City Means For The Entertainment industry: Cape Town

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What A 24 Hour City Means To The Entertainment industry: Cape Townimage by Instagram

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Latest news reports circulating nationally states that the city of Cape Town is planning to put measures in place to create and build a city, CBD that runs 24 hours, such as New York and Cairo. Cape Town plans to create a night-life scene that doesn’t sleep and says that there are significant economic benefits in this, as well as social benefits. The city says the plan is well on its way with its top priority being ‘safety’ and once they have successfully concluded all its safety measures, the plan should be ready for activation.

image by Instagram

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The chairman of Cape Town improvement Rob Kane says they can confirm that a 24 hour Cape Town is in motion.

Over the past few years, the CBD has been working on a safer Cape Town by tightening its security detail and making the town area as welcoming as possible for people to enjoy during the day as well as the night.

The city believes that this shift will have significant advantages for small business as well as businesses belonging to the nightlife scene and who promotes entertainment.

A few great facts in having a 24 hour running Cape Town:

  • An increase in Tourism
  • A decrease in unemployment
  • This promotes citizen security
  • Creates a better sense of belonging that could cause a decline in mental illnesses

This means that the entertainment industry can now create way more opportunities that will have a much more positive effect on revenue streams, such as clubs located in 24-hour cities like Berlin.

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