#OwnTheBlock  features all elements of hip hop culture, including freestyle battles, a cappella emcee battles, DJ sets, live performances by hip-hop/rap artists, live graffiti artists, breakdancing and local clothing exhibitions. If YOU think you got what it takes to #OwnTheBlock then you know what to do, APPLY!

Rap battles are usually three rounds, with Round 1 being 30 seconds, Round 2 being 60 seconds and the final Round being 90 seconds. Although significant main event battles will sometimes have 2 minute rounds, there will also be instances of unlimited rounds. A coin flip usually decides who goes first, and the emcees alternate after each round. Sometimes however, the battlers will decide between themselves off camera who will go first, and in a championship match, the Champion will decide who goes first. Crowd then decide the winner (there may be instances where a judge panel will be used in main events).

In recent times #OwnTheBlock has led the way in introducing a new platform of battling in Cape Town and South Africa, and is the only Street Rap Battle event in SA having being founded in 2016.

#OwnTheBlock continuously strives for new and improved ways of doing things through the innovative way in which battles are judged to ensure the right decision is made.