Apple V.S Spotify: 5 Differences You Might Have Not Known

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Do you remember the time Spotify just dropped in South Africa, local celebs from all over Africa were snapshotting it, screen-grabbing it and live streaming it! Forgetting about the longest living online music streamer being Apple Music.

Apple V.S Spotify: 5 Differences You Might Of Not KnownSource by: https://www.youredm.com

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Well, now that we have 2 top-rated music streaming services… we thought let’s weigh their differences and see who’s really in the lead here.

Image by Apple music on Instagram

The #OwnTheBlock team who are leaders in street-rap battles, music business, and entertainment across the Southern hemisphere have listed a few key differences that we think you should know, take a look:

1. Subscriptions:
Spotify offers a full-on free sign-up on their mobile App and website, where Apple Music allows a 3-month free trial only!

2. User Experience:
Apple Music starts to prompt their users by asking them to select genre-types and artists that they might be interested in, where Spotify recommends artists and music, which is a bonus for the user and if its an upcoming artist, while, then its a bonus for the artist.

3. User Interface
Both look pretty cool — & come across as being the main hubs for finding new artists, music, playlists, videos, and concert shows from around the world.

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but there is 1 thing that stands out when looking at the Apple Music App and that is the saving and downloading of music content, where Spotify makes this a little bit more complicated when browsing its artist’s pages than being straight to the point such as Apple music.

Anyways, both Apps are pretty cool and we recommend them, imagine a world of songs and entertainment at your fingertips!

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