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[S01E07] Street Rap Battle | Promenade Mall | ALLY B vs LNV

OWN THE BLOCK is back! For Episode 7 we went right into one of South Africa’s largest townships, Mitchells Plain.

Mitchells Plain known for its gangsterism and drug abuse, it is located on the Cape Flats on the False Bay coast between Muizenberg and Khayelitsha where the street rap battle took place.

Considered a “model township” by the apartheid government, it was built during the 1970’s to provide housing for coloured victims of forced removal due to the implementation of the Group Areas Act of 1950. Although Mitchells Plain is no longer officially a “coloured township,” the overwhelming majority of its residents are still coloured.

The Promenade Mall attracted a diverse, jam-packed crowd that was full of energy and thirsty for action as the cypher session was on FIRE well before the battle even took place! In the crowd were amongst others, shoppers, taxi drivers and of cause “gaatjies” too, who all gathered to watch the young emcees spit some real FREESTYLE rhymes – ALLY B from Retreat, take on the “hometown hero” LNV from Mitchells Plain.

Check out the full rap battle to see how it all went down!

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KNO vs Slum Lord Swigz
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[S01E06] Street Rap Battle | Charley’s Bakery | KNO vs Slum Lord Swigz

Own The Block meets USA. CAPE TOWN turned up in their numbers to watch the highly anticipated battle between Slum Lord Swigz and KNO at the popular Charley’s Bakery in CPT. Charley’s Bakery situated in District 6 was the chosen location.

This is the first battle where security had to step in and take control as shit got real heated as the battle turned personal real quick. Both rappers brought BARS and were lyrically on point, with Swigz more rehearsed while KNO was more improvised it made for a spectacular showdown.

To add to it, Own The Block welcomes Salim El Bey of the Travel & Hip Hop show USA to co-host the rap battle with Tyler The Instigator. Salim El Bey (brother to Yasiin Bey – Mos Def) originally from Brooklyn, New York travels the world to showcase the different cultures that exist in various parts of our land with special emphasis on the hip hop industry.

As such we figured it would be a great way to bridge the gap internationally and invited the brother to be a part of the movement and allow him to witness first-hand how it goes down in Kaapstad, the real Kaapstad not Long street, none of that 7de laan k@k! And TRUST, we did just that! If you missed all the other episodes of #OwnTheBlock – this is one not to be missed!

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[S01E05] Street Rap Battle | Cape Town Taxi Rank | Lyle Styles vs Jamie Palm

We bring you another installment of Own The Block as Lyle Styles makes his OTB debut representing Steenberg, takes on Jamie Palm (current Grand Parade OTB champion) from Woodstock at the Cape Town taxi rank located on the deck directly above the train station, the central hub for most commuters traveling in and out of the CBD.

Minibus taxis are a source of pride to most South Africans and they can be 90% cheaper than metered taxis. They also run everywhere and operate at all hours, but they have a terrible safety record as the South African Institute of Race Relations has measured that you are 3 times more likely to die in a minibus taxi accident than in a car, in general we do not recommend using minibus taxis as they are often problematic and hazardous on the road.

BUT that didn’t stop Own The Block from hosting a rap battle right there!


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[S01E04] Street Rap Battle | Wynberg Taxi Rank | Equinox vs Storm

OWN THE BLOCK is back! This week we taking it to the grimy streets of Wynberg in Cape Town, right on the taxi rank is where the battle will go down. Wynberg is home to the outspoken Cape Town-born rapper, Youngsta. Youngsta aka YoungstaCPT is well-known for his harsh and factual lyrical capabilities which have earned him immense street credit, but on the contrast have also resulted in him not being recognised in the mainstream however, times are changing and the rapper is undoubtedly one of the realest MC’s in the SA Hip Hop industry. As Wynberg taxi rank is the chosen location, who better to have HOST the rap battle than the boy himself, YoungstaCPT.

The taxi rank attracted a solid crowd amongst others, taxi drivers, “gaatjies” and street vendors, who all gathered to see the young emcees – Equinox from Plumstead, take on Storm CPT from Steenberg (both of which happens to be their first rap battle) all for the love of hip hop.

Check out the full rap battle video to see who will OWN THE BLOCK!

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Kanye & Ellen
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Kanye West Keeps It Real On The Ellen Show

“Well, it’s not daytime television anymore,” Ellen said last Thursday on her show after a nearly 6 and a half minute monologue by her guest, Kanye West.

Everyone knows Kanye struggles to keep quiet and can be a rather loud mouth, and possibly sometimes talks before he thinks for example, after looking to sneak more than a few words out of the rapper, Ellen asked him about his children and whether he regretted anything he had ever tweeted, the host brought up his request to Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion in funding, which West admitted might have been more successful had he approached the Facebook founder, on Facebook, instead of Twitter.

But it wasn’t until Ellen probed for just one example of the ideas Kanye was referring to making the world a better place when he broke down.

“We’re in a Renaissance period where people have multiple talents, he said, name-dropping “12 Years a Slave” director Steve McQueen. He brought up his parents and their credentials, saying he was raised to make a difference.

“Are you connecting?” The shoe designer asked after dismissing those who measure their contributions to society by tracking sales and radio play. “Picasso is dead. Steve Jobs is dead. Walt Disney is dead. Name somebody living that you can name in the same breath as them.”

Besides having a condition where he sees sound, he said. “Everything that I sonically make is a painting. I see it. I see the importance, I see the importance and the value of everyone being able to experience a more beautiful life.”

This is about as REAL as it gets as he breaks it down,

“There was a time Michael Jackson couldn’t get his video on MTV because he was considered to be ‘urban.’ The Michael Jackson,” West said. “So I have to be the Michael Jackson of apparel to break down the doors for everyone who will come after I’m gone after I’m dead. After they call me Wacko Kanye. Isn’t that so funny, that people point fingers at the people who have influenced us the most?”

It ends with a moment of silence as Kanye interestingly wraps ups with an unapologetic apology “I’m sorry, daytime television,” West said to the audience. “I’m sorry for the realness.”

What do you think, should hip-hop help bring us together or is Kanye crazy to think we can make a difference?


Also, Watch: #OwnTheBlock Street Rap Battle takes place at The Old Biscuit Mill

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In house advert 2 and 3

Street Rap Battle | The Old Biscuit Mill | Mafa aka “The Villain Himself” vs Dexxtris
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[S01E03] Street Rap Battle | The Old Biscuit Mill | Mafa aka “The Villain Himself” vs Dexxtris

The Old Biscuit Mill situated in the bustling Woodstock of Cape Town, not too far from the CBD see’s Mafa aka “The Villain Himself” who originates from Mafikeng but now resides in Cape Town take on Dexxtris from Somerset West, which probably explains why Dexxtris was an hour late for the battle.

Nevertheless the Mill attracted several locals and many tourists who were left gobsmacked by the mean rhymes and witty lyrics shared by the two Emcees as they got to witness all the action first hand. It started off lightly but went from zero to a hundred REAL quick as shots were fired (and I don’t mean gun shots) and tempers were tested. It was definitely no easy decider, the crowd had a tough time on deciding who OWNS THE BLOCK, however at the end of the day the crowd has the final say.

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Own The Block - Street Rap Battle - SLUM LORD SWIGZ vs CHARLTON SMITH
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[S01E01] Street Rap Battle | Cape Town Station | Slum Lord Swigz vs Charlton Smith

The FIRST episode of #OwnTheBlock brings you a battle outside the Train Station in the CBD of the beautiful Mother City. We had an INTENSE battle as both rappers brought their A-Game, defs came down to the final round! Its always difficult when stepping onto the BLOCK and spitting rhymes, its even more difficult when the crowd decides. But hats-off to both rappers and RESPECT to the CHAMP!

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