I derived my name from the word Dextrous which, according to the Oxford English dictionary, means “Showing or having skill, especially with your hands”. I chose the name because I am skilled in the art of writing poetry, or in this case, lyrics.

I was raised in a small town called Somerset West, but I’m originally from Pretoria. I have been writing bars since 2011 December and released my first track in August 2012 titled “Appreciation” which is a track dedicated to my Momma and sister. In March 2012 I started a group, the Blaze Ryders, and we have been hustling our music since. We have won the Jagermeister “Back The Artist” competition in 2014, played in majority of Cape Towns’ live music clubs, worked with some of the top producers in the country and have started to draw the attention of household name artists such as HipHopPantsula, Toya DeLazy and Reason.

My initial aim when I started rapping was to be the most feared battle rapper around but as time progress and I matured, I realised I could make a positive change with my music. I even use that approach when battling, I’m not here to degrade others, I’m here to build a legacy that the youth can look up to.

If I could give a message to anyone reading this it would be:

Don’t let anyone’s opinions of you or your craft deter you from chasing your dream. If you die today, you should die knowing you did your absolute best to achieve that dream. Keep your head up, push positive vibes and #KeepBlazin

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