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[S01E08] Street Rap Battle | Mzolis, Gugulethu | P.A.T vs Imie Vanie Delft

Last updated on: October 19th, 2018 at 02:00 pm

With the first Season 1 of the OWN THE BLOCK street rap battle league drawing to a close, we take you inside one of the most popular townships in Cape Town for Episode 8. Gugulethu AKA ‘Gugs’ is a township 15 km from Cape Town, South Africa. Though much more tranquil than it was under apartheid, Gugulethu is still a troubled area.

A major tourist attraction, Mzoli’s is a butchery in Gugulethu, described as an open-air shack restaurant grilling meat as customers sit at plastic tables or dance to local bands.

The diverse crowd made for the perfect setting to the rap battle as we were joined by foreigners and locals who all gathered to see the live street rap battle between local favourite P.A.T repping Gugulethu and OTB signee Imie Vanie Delft representing Delft.

The battle turned out to be an interesting one as the local favourite turned out to be a local disaster and the battle didn’t make it to round 3 as the crowd had seen enough – and as you know at OTB the crowd has the final say!

A lesson for some, if you step up to Own The Block and you don’t know your game then you will be put to shame.

Watch and see why the full rap battle never made it past round 2!

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