2018 Digital Power Players Of The Music Industry

2018 Digital Power Players Of The Music IndustryPicture Designed By Quinton McMillan / Billboard


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With double-digit rewards projected for the digital music industry by the end of 2018, companies like Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Tidal and more are preparing their platforms for even bigger streams in 2019!

With the growth in digital music, streams have raked in $4.6 billion already this year – Confirmed by RIAA

So who are the kings and queens of all this streaming-madness?

Billboard.com has stated that streams can now be turned into readable data, making it easy for them to know where and when songs are consumed and by whom. With this information, they were able to release a few names that should be considered as digital power players for 2018.


The Four (4) Power Players

 Picture By: Drake on Instagram


 Picture By: Eminem on Instagram



 Picture By: CardiB on Instagram


 Picture By: Post Malone on Instagram


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