WATCH Jay Z says Kanye “Crossed the Line” in Recent Interview

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Last updated on: November 14th, 2018 at 11:57 am

Jay-Z discussed his Kanye West feud, the recording of 4:44, the “Elevator Video” and his Anti-Defamation League–angering “The Story of O.J.” lyric in a candid, hour-long Tidal video interview, the first of two instalments where the rapper sat down with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller.
WATCH Jay Z says Kanye “Crossed the Line” in Recent Interview
During the interview, Jay-Z opened up about his rumoured feud with Kanye West where he said, “It’s not even about Kanye, it really isn’t,” Jay Z said of the track ‘Kill Jay Z’. “His name is there, just because it’s just the truth of what happened. But the whole point is “You got hurt because this person was talking about you on a stage. But what really hurt me was, you can’t bring my kids and my wife into it. Kanye’s my little brother. He’s talked about me 100 times. He made a song called ‘Big Brother. We’ve gotten past bigger issues. But you brought my family into it, now it’s a problem with me. That’s a real, real problem. And he knows it’s a problem.”
Jay-Z added, “He knows that he crossed the line. I know him. He knows. I know he knows, because we’ve never let this much space go between one of our disagreements, and we’ve had many, because that’s who we are. That’s what I like about him. He’s an honest person, he’s open and he’ll say things and he’s wrong a lot of times and he’ll confront it.”

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Peep the Interview below:

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