Watch on VEVO – The Kulture releases #GetIt, OFF Chasing Happiness

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The Kulture has released his new Music Video, Get It from his latest project Chasing Happiness, available on all online platforms.

Watch #GetIt here:

They say that when you get it, you’ll have accomplished everything you’ve dreamed of at that point, but what if success doesn’t mean you’ve attainted happiness.

The Kulture’s second music video from his 1st official studio project, Chasing Happiness.

Directed by: Kaaseeb Jones
Creative Directed: The Kulture
Artist: The Kulture feat. ArabSosa
Produced by: ArabSosa
Written by: Keanu Daniels & Chad Kyle Hughes.
Starring: Lvcci, AjBeatz, Brune Hendricks, ArabSosa, The Kulture, Deobeatz.
Special Thanks: The Bantry Bay Hotel, The Kulture’s Grandmother(for that young cameo) & Gemini.


Watch on VEVO - The Kulture releases #GetIt, OFF Chasing Happiness EP


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Get it (lyrics)


Tell lil’ Mami come get it,
You know my team they winnin’
It couldn’t be no different,
Yeah all my ouens is wit’ it,

Fresh Nike’s I got it on me,
They hatin’ cause we gon’ get it,
They hatin’ cause we gon’ get it,
They hatin’ cause we gon’ get it,

Verse 1: (ArabSosa)

Tell lil mami come get it,
just got me a outfit ‘n got me new lenses
My life is expensive,
I don’t focus on beef only focus on payments,
I took a risk like its vegas, hiding that shit by the neighbours,
Playing yo bitch just like sega,
Nowadays people just throw dirt on my name,
Making me relevant, I love my haters like (uhhg)
Who are you trying to feel, who are you tryna fool
They hating on me cause they know that I get it, but really Im fresh outta school,
You and your girl are engaged, but I still make her send me nudes,
We got the game in a bag, me and Kulture make the rules,
They don’t see the pain, they don’t see the effort,
Amount of time you gotta put in, ‘til yo’ name get mentioned
‘Dat boy he a op, better keep yo distance,
Focus on the vision,
then you can –


Verse 2: (The Kulture)

Went from seeing death in these streets to murdering beats,
To lookin’ fresh in this bitch while naaiers hypebeast,
Seemingly the meanest I mean this,
dunno why these other dudes got in this,
But humbly Im the best, thats why Mami on my penis,
We can relax and kick back abit, just don’t cause no racket, you no Serena or Venus
My mense gotta see me make it, keep saying Im underrated,
Jon Snow, been working too hard, plus Im chosen by fate kid,
No way will I let a fake bru see this crown and take it
If evil is what you make it, the root of evil will not determine if I got it,
It will be when the streets see me as a hero, Staggie or Gotti


Stream The Kulture’s latest project, Chasing Happiness on all online platforms:

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/ca/album/chasing-happiness/1459090629

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5Uklxmuc5L3btxCVL1YsPQ

Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/en/album/92913832

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Chasing-Happiness-Explicit-Kulture/dp/B07QHXCSZH

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