YoungstaCPT – ‘Came, Saw, Conquered’ (Prod. by Chrysto Meth) Official Music Video Out Now

YoungstaCPT drops ‘Came, Saw, Conquered’ Official Music Video

Just when you thought dropping 2 mixtapes in 1 day wasn’t enough! YoungstaCPT hits us with a new video with Chrysto Meth bringing the heat on the beat!

YoungstaCPT drops ‘Came, Saw, Conquered’ Official Music Video

The video speaks for itself, YoungstaCPT never has a dull verse. We have to salute the man for his commitment, hard work and dedication he has invested into the game over the years as he raps:

“I can’t wait much longer, we made it without sponsors, you created a monster, now pray to your father, I came, saw and I conquered, you didn’t kill me you made me stronger!”

With a whopping 29 mixtapes to date, YoungstaCPT has proven why he is one of the most respected rappers in South Africa and yet he seems to still feel disrespected somehow.

YoungstaCPT  ‘Came, Saw, Conquered’ Official Music Video Is Out

Who is he referring to? Could it be the radio stations, TV or the entire industry? Guess we will have to figure that one out, peep the video to see for yourself!

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